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Career Services

Career ServicesAs a leader in your industry, you can well understand the value
of having a skilled & qualified workforce. Form personality profiling to needs assessment to performance evaluation, we can help get your staff …OnTrack!!

OnTrack offers a variety of services:

Firstly, the recruitment program at OnTrack is second to none.
We have over 600 professional candidates in a variety of fields, all of whom have been screened & selected by our qualified staff members.

Also, a special feature of our recruitment program is “OnTrack Temps” ,a temporary placement program. Unlike any other in Egypt, OnTrack Temps supplies your organization with fully trained & certified candidates on a porno casero
temporary basis to suit your needs, whether they be for 3 days
or 3 months, to cover any vacation days or maternity leave of permanent employees.

Secondly, we offer training & advisory services tailored to meet
the unique needs of each one of our clients. If you are looking to upgrade the skills of employees in any functional department (i.e. marketing, sales, accounting & finance, IT, etc.) we can help. OnTrack offers specialized training courses both in house & on site.

A short overview of our most popular porno gay training courses follows.

Course Title: The Global Business Language

Course Objective: The ability to compete in the global market place requires not only the skills to fore see the shifting patterns of competitive
advantage in a given business, but in equal measure, the ability to redeploy resources to maintain -and in some cases- regain compatitiveness. This program will enable executives of all
industries & levels to gain a better understanding of the main
global trends & challenges facing us today.

Course Title: Customer Service

Course Objective:
Many books have been written about the importance of customer service in today’s economy. Alomst every professional journal & many of the popular magazines availabe have carried articles about some aspect of service to customers & how it affects the success or the failure of a business. This fact applies to all businesses, whether large or small, locally owned or a conglomerate. Like it or not, it appears that businesses that pay attention to their customers & concentrate on serving them well
are the ones that will survive the intense competition of today’s marketplace.

Course Title: Quality Management

Course Objective: This course assembles the most important & proven
total quality management (TQM) strategies, simplifies them,and presents them in a clear, objective manner. You will learn how your organization can successfully shift from the assembly line mentality to the team-based, worker-empowered mentality that improves productivity & ultimately, profitability.

Course Title: Team Building Skills

Course Objective:
This program covers the major aspects of how to build high performance & effective teams. It provides a detailed & advanced unerstanding of the key processes involved in successful team performance. This program is designed for anyone who believes in teamwork. Managers, senior executives & individuals that work with xvideo /through teams will benefit greatly
from this highly interactive course.

Course Title: Marketing Basics

Course Objective:
This program serves the purpose of introducing junior executives to the major marketing concepts & principles with the aim of raising their performance levels in marketing related functions, as well as their awareness of marketing related aspects of their overall job environment.

Course Title: Negotiations & Dispute Resolution

Course Objective:
Negotiating can be one of the most difficult jobs a person faces during his or her business life. Successful negotiating requires good business judgement & a clear understanding of human nature. This comprehensive course will introduce you to the different approaches used by expert negotiators in contract negotiations as well as conflict resolution. Alternative bargaining strategies will also be presented to help you get the
most out of any business situation.

Check out our Calendar for course starting dates or Contact us for a full listing of training courses.